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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lord Of the Ring

Zinedine Zidane, for me without doubt the greatest football player of all times will not be there any more on the field after the World Cup in Germany, without him football will not be the same again. His creativity, his magic has no parallels. He took football to another plain, sublime, the joy of watching him weave his magic hard to describe. Have watched lot of great players, but Zidane’s dribbling, his ball control just amazing, the ball always seemed to be glued to his feet. The kind of things he did, left the spectators baffled and crying for more. The bigger the occasion the better he was. Two stunning headers in world Cup Final buried Brazil in 1998, that made him the most popular man in France. In 2000, he starred again as France won its second European title, scoring a penalty to beat Portugal in the semifinals. Unfortunately he was plagued with injuries during the last World Cup.
He had retired from the national team, but when France looked struggling to qualify for the World Cup 2006 he came back from retirement. He was immediately reinstated as Captain, that is the stature of the man.
So during the World Cup the Lord will be seen for the last time, for all of you whom this isn’t making any sense, just watch him in that number ten jersey during the Cup.
He played his last match recently for Real Madrid, a star studded team, with names like Ronaldo, Beckham, Figo, Raul and a few more big guns. Real had paid a whopping US $ 82 million for his transfer from the Italian Club Juventus, the biggest transfer fee. He was voted three time as the FIFA player of the year and also the best European Footballer in last 50 years.


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