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Friday, September 23, 2005

Left Alone

Large number of people from India go to other countries to study and to work. The quality of life is so poor in India that most of them choose to stay there permanently. They make huge amounts of money which is unthinkable if ur working in India. However, this has led to a very painful lonely life for there parents back in India. Most of the parents don’t want to leave the country because of there strong roots here. There children don’t want to come back because of the reasons mentioned above. So many parents are left alone here with no one to take care of them. Its sad that people who have spent there lives making u what you are, are left alone when they need there children most.

I can never forget what happened with some one I knew, the old man lived alone here, while his two sons worked abroad. He had some eye problem which needed surgery so the poor guy was at the hospital all alone. The doctor said aren’t any one accompanying you, he said they would be here later, the doctor said u tell me the phone number I would call then, so our man said that he forgot his phone book at home, not wanting to say that he had no one here.

Few months later the old man expired, he had died during the sleep at night it was only in the morning that some one discovered what had happened. Trust me they had to find people to take him to the grave yard.

I don’t know how u people see it but I felt so bad, that day I vouched that no matter what I would never leave my parents alone, even if I have to sacrifice my own personal life. I also have two brothers who studied here and now work abroad, while I studied abroad but now I am back with my parents, I don’t think any amount of $’s can give me the same satisfaction which I get by just being there with my parents.

But to get the joy of being with then has meant that I have virtually given up my life. Its been tough but I don’t see a way out. If I too had been working abroad I also would have been sitting with a huge bank balance, a wife, kids n all but I have none of it. May be I can understand why people don’t want to return, but then what about the parents, its all so complex, I dint know how it should be tackled but there is a problem which is very painful very lonely and very very sad.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Prankster

Still remember the afternoon my parents left me at the boarding school, when I was about 8 yrs old.

Life at school to begin with was so difficult, sometimes it resembled more like an army camp with such strict discipline, but once I got used to the Head Master’s cane it was ok, I cud still do my own thing and if caught then take my punishment.

Life was boring most of the time and we had to look for ways to keep going. Some time then the prankster in me was born. I did so many weird things, wud like to share some of them with u ppl.

Once in two yrs we used to travel to Calcutta for the sports meet, so we were on the train to Calcutta. I find so difficult to sleep in trains, while most of the ppl were sleeping. Then I thought y shud these ppl sleep, so I got up went to this guy asleep, shook him by the face, b4 he realized wht was happening slapped him on the face and ran back, this went on for a while. The last guy I thought I did this, was a class 7 student but something was wrong, how cud he have such a thick beard. As I lay wondering a lil while later one of my earlier victim came and solved the puzzle it was the football coach who was also a teacher at school.

Another time we were playing with a tin on Sunday afternoon, kicking it around, making so much noise, the teacher who lived close to our rooms heard all the noise and asked us to stop playing. He told me to stop !! The moment he went in I was back at it, as soon as I heard him open the front door I wud disappear, the 4th time I did this n turned back there he was, he had used the back door..grrrrrrr for next one month there was no outing for me……..

Another victim was a guy in the school who wanted me to get him introduced to some gal, the gals college was located few miles away only the resourceful few cud meet the gals. I said tht’s easy u write her a letter and I wud give it to her. The guy wud cum with the letter which we read and few days later give him the reply frm the gal side, after a few such letters it was time for bigger things…we told this guy tht 2 days later its tht gals B’ day n he shud send her a cake, so there he was with the cake and chocolates, the moment he left the room there was this mad scramble for the cake n it was finished b4 u cud blink. U know how hungry all the ppl in the boarding house are. After few weeks this guy said tht he was going to meet this gal, now we had to stop him otherwise we wud be exposed…….so another frnd went caught tht poor guy n shook him…heard u been pestering my lil sister : ( this finally put an end to tht budding romance…

Ok this is last plzz ……during my MBA normally we wud have Saturdays off, but sometime we wud have guest speakers coming n ruining those Saturday afternoons. During one such session, as I sat bored in the class looked arnd, I noticed tht hardly anyone was paying attention to wht was being said . ) I pulled out a paper, heading ‘there wud be a test on this session on Monday afternoon all those interested in extra credits plzz sign on this sheet….put my signature there got the ppl sitting arnd me to sign it and then passed it arnd……5 mins later u had to see the transformation ppl sitting with rapt attention, scribbling notes. I quietly slipped to the back of the class put my bag under my head n went to sleep : )

I am sure u ppl have done similar things...lets hear