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Saturday, October 29, 2005

How Long

Feeling so bad today, to begin with there was this train accident down South near Hyderabad, seeing all those dead bodies being pulled out.

Then comes evening and those senseless bomb blasts in New Delhi, which left almost 70 dead and 100 injured, some of then very seriously battling for their lives. I don’t know how long will this madness continue, how long innocent people would be targeted. The scenes from the sites were so horrifying. Imagine the plight of the people who have lost their loved ones. Don’t understand how anyone could perpetuate such horror. For so many families the light has been snuffed out of the coming Diwali and Eid festivals. I hope God gives courage to relatives of the victims to overcome this grief.

Sadly people in position to stop this menace continue to play political games. The lives of ordinary people seem to be expendable for them. Wish n hope someday there would be leaders who can put and end to all this. The world, the innocent people have had enough, every one has right to live peacefully. Will ever there would be a world where people can live without fear ?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


While I put together a new post i wud like to share some paintings which i have made on the Computer. Normally i use paint and photoshop. Unfortunately i cud not post my all time favo due to some technical problem. Hope u people like what i have done and yes i have really made them, because i have had ppl turn back and ask where did u get them from : ). The one with the yellow houses is a copy of Van Gogh's master piece called Yellow House. Night Sky was an experiment to see if i cud make something worthwhile by just using black, white and grey.