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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Get away with murder

If you have the money, the right kind of political connections you can get away with murder. The acquittal of all accused in the murder of Jessica Lal proves this point beyond doubt. Jessica Lal was a model, who stood at a friends bar that fateful night seven years ago. A group of guys asked for drinks after the permitted hours, she made the mistake of going by the book and refused and one of them pulled out a pistol and shot her in front of everyone.

Many people saw that, and to begin with there were people willing to give evidence in the court but by the time the case finally went on trial, no one came forward, the manner in which the Police presented the case, it wasn’t effective enough to nail any one. But then the accused weren’t ordinary people, the prime accused Manu Sharma’s father is a big time politician and Minister in Haryana Government, Vikas Yadav son of mafia don cum politician D.P. Yadav, Yograj Singh father of the famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Vikas Yadav incidentally is now involved in another murder case, he shot and then burned his sisters boyfriend. These people make a mockery of the law.

The whole system is so disgusting, it sucks big time, corrupt and inefficient. You can get with anything if you can pull the right strings. This was one of those open and shut cases but still the criminals managed to evade the law. The Police probably bribed, did not carry out proper investigation. The witness either bought off or threatened. Where does the ordinary citizen go for justice. Sometimes I wish there was a group of vigilantes who could send these people to the place they deserve to be.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Toon Controversy

The publication of the Cartoons showing the Prophet Muhammad is in poor light, a deliberate attempt to further create divisions in the world. I don’t understand how and why any one would do that, especially at a time when the world is already facing a crisis of sorts. The so called intellectuals should know what kind of reactions their actions are going to generate. Protests leading to loss of property and death of people was it really called for.

Making fun of some one so revered by people all over the world is so disgusting. Without getting into the good and bad of religion, I don’t think any one has right to poke fun at another’s religious belief what ever it may be. How can the so called civilized people be so insensitive is something to ponder about. Not so long ago they were selling undergarments with pictures of Hindu Gods printed on them. Using pictures of Hindu Goddess to sell beer, where are we going.

Then people defend it in the name of freedom of speech, should freedom of speech and expression be absolute. Does my freedom of speech give me permission to abuse some one. Not only the publication in Danish papers but subsequent republications after seeing the kind of hysteria it has generated is plain mischief and nothing more. Then u have tht clown Bush coming in support. We all know how much of freedom exists in USA, almost every phone call is put under the scanner, we all have heard about the spying missions of CIA.

Showing the Prophet as a terrorist, there by implying that the whole community is terrorist, which is far from the truth. And who decides whoz a terrorist and whoz not, are there any parameters. If the World Trade Center, the London and Madrid bombings are terrorists acts then the massacres in Afghanistan and Iraq are much bigger terror acts. Just like all those innocent people killed in New York, London and Madrid deserve sympathy so do people who have and are been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Would never understand why there is so much hypocrisy in the world, why the people so shackled that they don’t raise there voices against such nuisances, have we all lost our self respect or we just too engrossed in our own world to bother about anything else. I feel it’s the responsibility of every individual to raise his voice when he comes across any injustice, any wrong, its time people looked beyond His…. Mine and Yours. Its our World its our responsibility to save it otherwise one day it will just fall apart, divided and bleeding.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine Day.....
hope u all have a great day flirting.....just painted the ulitmate symbol of
love n romance for u ppl.....could have done better but just rushed through
it.....tube light der se jali : (

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Celebrity Encounters

I am not the kind to go crazy about these so called celebrities, but occasionally u come across one of ur favorites it makes u feel good. Last week I met this gal Shewta who works for one of the news channels. I find her quite attractive, but when I saw her at the station I wasn’t even sure if its her, so it took some courage to walk upto her n ask her if she…..and indeed she was….actually some thing u don’t get to know from TV is the height..most of the time u just see them sitting and this gal was soo short and tht caused all the confusion…….she has beautiful eyes…n was nice enuf to talk to me for a few minutes…………

The first encounter I remember took place when I was just a kid, when a frnd invited me to watch a film shoot which was taking place at his house, as I took my chair on the balcony I saw this man sitting a few feet away….whozz he…hez some Nasiruddin (he is one of the finest actors in the country has worked in Hollywood too)…did not even merit a second look then.

Then one day ran into the beautiful Twinkle (actress), her mum Dimple was there too and I actually found her looking straight at me and when she realized tht I was looking at her too she looked away…..ok ppl I am not hinting nything..probably she did that unconsciously….

Was at a film awards function, VIP pass n all so we got to sit where all these actors where sitting, look up n see Sonali standing rt there……uff the heart missed a beat…..have had this massive crush on her…….

Now the Cricketers love to talk n brag about the game ….found myself sitting next to Madal Lal (ex test cricketer) on a flight from Delhi and I was stupid to ask him why India doesn’t produce the kind of fast bowlers Pakistan has…once Madan began to talk it ended only when the flight touched down…..for those 90 minutes I just said yes yes ………ufff

Then again was on the plane, bored n tired looking outside ..waiting for it to take off….all that perfume announced that some gal had just sat next to me. When it finally got moving I looked arnd…….hmm it was Pooja Bhatt (actress/director/producer)…….i was in a bit of dilemma shall I talk to her..what if she has those starry hang ups……who cares if she is a star……but wont she think I am weird …with everyone else giving her so much attention n this guy……….so finally I did say hi ….n she was cool hmm super cool…..just another next door gal….. we talked all through that 2 hr flight….infact her dad too was there n he was sitting some 2 rows back…..he might have thought I was harassing her so he asked her to come back but she just said I am fine here……….remember this 70 yr politician he cud not sit still ….wud get up every now n then look at her n then sit down…..in fact we both laughed abt it..the old man seems to be crazy abt u…some ppl had those confused look…..ok she is Pooja but the who the fuck is this guy : ) ……..finally it was time to walk out…..then heard Mahesh …Pooja who was tht guy…ohh he is Jackal ..winkz. I was really surprised to find her so normal n down to earth….she is a darling…ok ppl make sure u watch her latest movie “Holiday”.

Sonu Nigam..i hate him since the day we took the same flight……we all know ur a famous singer….but just sit down yaar…..the guy wud not sit still……..may be there where ants in his trousers….there were lot of empty seats n the guy wud get up n change his seat every 20-30 minutes..just trying to get attention….i already shook hands with u at the Airport wht the F_ _ _ more u want…………….