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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Park: In Pictures

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Elusive Tiger

Yes I am finally back, arrived the day before but was so tired that could not write anything. Almost 2000 Kms by car during those 10 days and poor road conditions left every muscle and bone in pain. Nevertheless driving is my most preferred mode of travel. So I always drive down to Delhi, takes 8-9 hours, its bit tiring and boring to be driving that long alone but then I can have my car to move around once I am there.

On the second night in Delhi, one of my uncle’s landed up and he said I am going to Jim Corbett Park tomorrow morning if u want u can come with us. Now this is something I had been wanting to do for a long time but it just did not happen so now I just could not let this chance go.

Next day 8 AM we where on the way, the park is about 315 Kms from Delhi, one of the oldest and best kept parks. Not too many species of animals there, elephants, deer’s and yes tigers. Everyone who goes there has just one aim, to see the tiger in the wild. This is the place where the recently released movie ‘Kaal’ was shot. Late afternoon we are there, dense forest, with patches of open grasslands and hills and yes the river I found the surrounding so beautiful and fresh, the sky so blue, the water so clean just fell in love with the place. No wonder my uncle’s frnd who came along with us has been there 15 times. The accommodation was nice and comfortable, though a lil scary right into the heart of the forest, but they have a electric fence all around to keep the animals away. And it was like being cut off frm the rest of the world with no cell phones working, no TV or radio permitted but for a change its good.

Day two we went out in the forest twice, in the morning and then again in the evening, yes the mission was to find the tiger, all we got to see was deers and more deers. Some how the forest appeared so calm that it seemed that there are no tigers around. But some one had spotted one, they have a board where people write down if they saw one. And you want to meet the lucky ones, how …where, you just wish that you were there too, seeing them in the Zoo’s is one thing and tracking one down in the wild is just another experience.

Day three, got up at 5 AM, this time around we took an elephant to go deep in areas where the jeeps cannot go, may be this time we would have better luck. All we got to see where some carcasses of deer devoured by tigers sometimes back, yes we did see the pug marks near the river, but tiger noo where. However we did manage to get within 50 mts of wild elephants heard before the dashed off. Had a quick breakfast and we were back in the forest this time with jeep, it was getting a bit frustrating by now. We tried to cajole the tiger, playing hindi song on the cell….ek baar aa ja ..(come one time) and then those insulting dialogues ..ma ka dood piya hai to bhar nikal….(if u have had ur mother’s milk come out ..lol)……kya sab ne chudiyan pahein li hain (have u all started wearing bangles)..but nothing worked. Finally we headed back, the driver going a lil fast, as we came on the straight, on those winding roads suddenly found this huge elephant hardly 20 mts away, crossing the road, as the jeep screeched to a halt it turned towards us. Shit ..back off …angry males can be so dangerous but thankfully this one after a brief pause continued on its way. But it was scary, what we had been a lil faster we would have ended up being right next to it. Another excursion in the evening too drew a blank.

Last day again we got up early and took a final tour of forest, in an open jeep, standing on top it was so uncomfortable, too cold and I had nothing to keep me warm. Our last hope, in fact half the group refused to come, we are too sleepy. However, today somehow the forest seemed a bit different, suddenly the forest guard Babban said he heard a Sambhar ‘call’. Animals have a peculiar way of warning there gang when the tiger is around. First time we had heard that call. There was so much excitement, we waited there for 30 mins….nothing…….we decided to move to another place….just then we saw another jeep…the guide waived us over….he said he had seen a tiger who disappeared in the tall grass, we kept waiting there for about an hour, was it a hoax, then suddenly the deer grazing there look anxious, there tail up, one of them barked….surely its there….but another hour passed nothing happened…..it was time to head back……disappointment writ large on everyone’s face…Babban’s prayers too did not help…..atleast I had some nice pictures which I cud take back….we drove towards our guest house…..Babban whispered..i have heard a monkey call….behind us…lets turn back….a few deer frightened came out from the bushes…we turned back and had barely gone a few yards….suddenly it was there..right in the middle of the road just 40-50 yards from us….the most majestic beast of all….and then it vanished in the bushes on the other side….will never forget that moment…its so hard to put in words how I felt at that time…..mission accomplished…….

Friday, March 10, 2006

Before i go

Yes its Sebia’s birthday today (11th March) …..wish you a very very happy birthday ….not that I wanted to paint this one for her but I was threatened…..you dare not forget and bribed ….that long comment on the previous post…..and then we both are Pisceans and she being the shark I have really no choice, since we both dwell underwater……some of you must have heard that saying “paani mei rah kar magarmach se bair nahi” (something ..when u live in water you don’t offend the crocodile). Jokes apart, even though I have known her just for a few months but I can vouch that she is wonderful person, her simplicity you cannot ignore, caring, genuine person….she is not the shark but that lil goldfish everyone wants…I hope you will never change…..

There just a few people whozz birth date I know, cud u all kindly leave ur birth date here………

Since I will not be here at holi….yes day after I am going to Delhi for about 8-10 days don’t know if I wud be able to hang arnd here……so I wud like to wish each one of you a very happy and colorful Holi….have gr8 fun……….Pinki and Ishita…have the color ready

Hats Off:

The blasts at Varanasi ….innocent victims….its so disgusting, whoever has done that should be brought to justice. What hurts that there are people and political parties who are ready to get mileage out of a tragedy. Insensitive politicians hell bent on dividing the nation along religious line. There may be a few mischief makers but by and large the Muslim community has nothing to do with terrorism in India. Yes we have a problem in Kashmir and those people happen to be Muslims, why cannot we just call them Kashmiri militants why are they referred to as Islamic terrorist. There struggle in Kashmir has nothing to do with Islam, and I don’t think the Muslims from the other parts of India are any way involved in there activities.

However the purpose of this lil article is to salute the few Muslims gals…..Najma and her gang…..who amidst all the rabble rousing..even in that hostile atmosphere went to the hospital and donated blood to the injured …who were Hindus……hats off to you gals your deed is much more responsible and mature than any politician of this country…….you bring hope of a new India where people will all be treated with dignity and honor ..like human beings irrespective of their religious affiliations. Where innocent people would not be victims of terrorists. The aim of these terror groups is to create situations that would bring people face to face on religious lines and thus it becomes our responsibility to stand united and not let them succeed in there ugly desgin.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


At some time or the other we have all made a fool of ourselves, we all have done things which where embarrassing, the time when we wanted to run and hide. I have had my share of such moments, two such incidents that I would always remember I share here with you people.

Been a natural sportsman, represented the College in every single game that the College took part in. however never got a chance to play Tennis, although I have been an ardent fan and follow it closely on TV, looks so easy. One day this gal invited a few of us to play tennis at her farmhouse. Even though I had never held a racket I was so excited. Finally we were there 7-8 guys n gals. The game began and it was my turn to show that untapped talent…. time for me to serve. Threw the ball up and came down real hard at it….the way Andy Roddick does it all day….hey where is the ball……is the court a bit small….the ball had sailed over the court….the 12 feet high fence at the back too wasn’t high enough.. it had disappeared somewhere in the tall grass outside……felt so embarrassed, and in front of all those gals……what to hide you know how guys always want to put there best foot forward in front of the other sex…….and here I was making a fool of myself…….

The other incident not too different ..someone dragged me along to a Golf Range while in was in London. You pay and get a basket of balls which u can hit. Again I had never held a club, anyway I put the ball down….this guy gave a few tips……..feet a lil apart….don’t bend that elbow……I was ready …. soo sure that I going to hit this ball real long…..by now a few guys had gathered there….waiting for there turn……finally i swing ..but the ball hasn’t moved an inch……can’t really believe that…..

Hmmmmm another swing and same result…..shit……...what these guys must be thinking……one more time………the ball still sits there mocking at my plight……wanted to smash it to bits and bury myself ………

How about you people narrating at least one such incident ….i am sure you can say it here…. I promise not to tell any one else : )