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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Buddhu (fool) Buddhi

Vikram Buddhi Graduate Student at Purdue University in USA, was caught by the Secret Service for having posted what the authorities termed as inflammatory messages on a yahoo finance board, he has been charged with threatening to kill Bush, his wife, Dick Cheney and top Republicans.

Buddhi was really buddhu he should have known what he was getting into, and now days net/phone conversations are closely monitored in the States, no matter what they proclaim the society isn’t free any more.

But I think Buddhi was just a little buddhu I am sure he never meant what he wrote, may be he had a few drinks, to bring all those charges against him is crazy, but then who could beat these people at stupidity (only saying tht abt the authorities). Sometimes back they had picked up this guy traveling to Canada from US, on suspicion of being a terrorist, chained him, and did what not……..have you ever taken flying lessons……in reality he just a seedha sadha Indian guy…… I think all budding pilots need to move to another part of the world, I am wondering why all drivers aren’t questioned, remember Oklahoma. On a serious note every one should resist from saying anything which can land you in a soup, even harmless things are misconstrued. This one is from India, two guys where talking in Urdu, one of them used the word “maisail” (meaning issue), some one called the Police, two guys here are talking about Missiles.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

wrrrronnnggggg number

There has been a revolution of sorts where telephone communication is concerned in India. Everyone has a cell phone today, there was a time when people used to pull out there cell phones while waiting at traffic signals and just pretend to talk…it was a big deal then. Anyway today the Dhoodwala, the Subziwala every one has it……people who have never used a electronic gadget… I was at a shop when this guy turns up with his cell .. ‘yeh theek kar do, jab phone aata hai yeh current maarta hai’(this thing gives a shock whenever I get a call)…..the guy at the shop fiddled with it for a few minutes and took Rs 50/- its done………he actually just switched off the vibrator.

However the home idiot..the landline.. is still the same, hasn’t changed its ways much. Sometimes its big pain, there was a time when we used to get so many calls that weren’t meant for us.. you come running all the way n just end up saying wrong number…….some point of time I just got tired of this and began take those calls and it became a source for fun……some of those conversations:

Caller: Hello..cold storage

Jack: yes tell me what do u want

Caller: I want 40 blocks of ice, I have taken them earlier too from u……how much does it cost?

Jack: arre u are our old customer we will charge u a very reasonable price ..u come tomorrow morning…

(don’t know what happened in the morning at the cold storage)

Caller: (lady) taxi stand

Jack: yes madam what can we do for u

Caller: we had asked for a taxi, but now we don’t need one…

Jack: no problem

(must have been a problem when the taxi turned up at the house)

Caller: (lady) Doctor saheb I am Swati Gupta

Jack: yes Swati ji tell me how are u

Caller: Doctor Saheb the surgery u had performed on my stomach ..it hurts

Jack: click

(I wanted to prescribe some medicine but then realized this is serious so I just hung up….wonder what happened when she spoke to her real doc..did she tell him that she spoke to him b4 too)

Caller: Cold storage

Jack: yes

Caller: what happened to my potato bags which had gone missing

Jack: Oh I have been waiting for your phone..we have traced your bags, u come here tomorrow

Caller: shall I bring a tractor trolley

Jack: now u cant take all those bags on your head ..bring the trolley

(I am sure they ended up in dishoom dishoom next day)

Caller: is Raju there

Jack: get lost

Caller: why are u being rude

Jack: now u will teach your father how to talk I am in-charge of the police station..where are u calling from let me send a cop

Caller: sorry saheb I did not know…I am really sorry

There have been numerous others too and its funny no one has ever turned back and said that u r not the one u r pretending to be. I really don’t understand how and why this problem but people dial up for all kinds of things and places, District Magistrate’s Office, Commissioner’s Office etc, some how these days its been a bit quite.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Miss

Been tagged by Kusum, never done it before. Even though it means having to push back some of the new posts that I had in mind. The things I miss? …..all right here I go:

  1. Her: The numero uno spot has to go to her, someone who gave so much joy, so much love and then was gone. No matter how hard you try some memories never leave. You were a big cheat……all the time asking me, you wont leave me……..and then went away yourself ..i know u are sitting somewhere up there and smiling but you wait one day I will be there and then no one would be able to save you.
  2. Bully: He was the Golden Labrador dog which my uncle had, with whom I stayed, while at University. I don’t know how and when but the guy became a slave to me. Almost every minute he would just follow me around, if I went to the bathroom he would be sitting outside the door. When I came back home he would be at the door, be so angry for having gone away he would grab my shirt in his mouth and drag me along. One day was sitting with uncle on the bed, we started this lil boxing thing…..Bully was watching, he thought it was for real, he cud not tolerate some one hitting me… he jumped on the bed and threatened my uncle. Who by now was running around with Bully in pursuit and if he really wanted to he would have got him but he was sensible enough not to bite. And my uncle his face red with fear and anger I am going to kill this F_____dog. Sometimes just wonder how animals can love any one so much. Then bully got very very sick and one day he was gone.
  3. My School: Yeah those were real nice days, even though to begin with it seemed like a concentration camp but by the time we reached senior classes it was so much fun. I was the College Captain and for all other extra curricular activities I was like the undisputed king : ). Also miss the old lady, she was Vice Principals mother, sometimes when the VP wasn’t home, we (a frnd) wud sneak in, smoking her cigarettes, while she made stuff like ‘paraathas’ etc for us and we wud just sit there and chat about our romantic encounters, learn the old tried n tested techniques to woo the gals haha ..she was gr8. I could write a book about this one : )
  4. Miss all my relatives, who have are abroad, even though we do meet once a year but it’s just not the same without them around all the time. Good news is that most of them are coming over during the summers : )
  5. Miss all the people (except one) from my MBA class, especially all the gori chori’s .) It was an eye opener, there were people from so many diff countries and before I reached there I had my reservation, but as I settled down I found out that even though from different cultures people’s nature generally is the same. What a relationship I had with them…so much fun. Except one…..hmm he used to stink sooo muchhh…..was this Romanian guy.. you had be at least 15 ft away from him otherwise you would die of suffocation. With the country in flood now hopefully he can wash himself clean now : )

I could go on but lets just keep it short and crisp, .) don’t want people to complain about the length : )

Btw will the following accept this lil tag …..Uttara, Sunita and Suji…….

the rest of you I like u all a lil more than these three, so don’t want to put you thru this grind . )

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Real Life Hero: Javed

This is just saying thanks to big young boy, a tribute to a boy of real courage. A lesson for all those people who just turn away…it doesn’t concern me. 18 year old Javed happened to be at that Festival in Meerut that fateful night. There was a consumer festival at Meerut about 80 kms from Delhi. Thousand had gathered there for shopping, when a fire broke out in one of the enclosures and within minutes the other two enclosures where in flames too. The kind of material used in the enclosures caused havoc. With just one exit many got trapped in there. About 60 people perished that day and there would have been another half a dozen added to that list but for Javed.

Javed got out unscathed but then he saw this group of children trapped in that inferno. He could have just stood there watching, walked away like many others but he wasn’t any ordinary mortal……he ran back pulled one kid out, the next and the next, 6 kids were out, the fire becoming more dangerous by the second, he went in once again, but luck finally deserted him, a big chunk of the roofing fell on him, by the time he was rescued he had more than 70% burn injuries. He was rushed to a hospital but he died the next morning.

Truly an amazing deed, most will only run from that fire not jump into it, but this guy….man you belong to a rare breed, even though you may have gone but your sacrifice I am sure would be remembered for a long long time. Death doesn’t spare any one but you are lucky one to die like a hero…..you are a real life hero. May your soul rest in peace and your act inspire people to think beyond me and mine.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How to be a Good Muslim

If u want to be a “good Muslim” you have to adhere to the following….

…from your rooftop shout everyday, that u arn’t anti national

…..shout you are not fanatic

…shout that u arn’t a terrorist

…..don’t say a word if ppl choose to abuse your faith/religion…its their ‘freedom of speech’

....forget any self respect and dignity

….be ready to walk tht fire every day (like Sita)

I just can’t not be the good Muslim the kind this world approves….i have too much self respect and pride. My post was just about some comments but the kind of reaction it has generated is amazing…any way have ur say…..ppl are entitled too and I am entitled to bid good bye from here……..

It sad tht it shud end like this but it’s time to say good bye………there are lot of wonderful out there and it was fun knowing you people thru this place. Thank You.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Un Veiled: Thru My Eyes

This one is inspired by Keshi’s last post, ‘whispers of veil’ rather by the comments left there, I could have had my say in the comments there but then hardly any one else would have read that. I think the people in their comments went way beyond the ambit of the post. Should women be forced to wear a veil….nooooo but it did not end there. Some comments where sensible, intelligent and some based on ignorance, disgusting, the kind of people whoz views are limited and blinded by western media.

Do actions of a small minority necessarily represent Islam…absolutely not. The problem discussed isn’t even so wide spread, yes it does happen in some middle east countries but hardly beyond that. Why only the veil, there are so many ills in those countries, the Monarchies would have long gone too, but for the continued support of the US, which works overtime to keep its Oil needs secure, so much for freedom and democracy.

Suddenly people are taking so much interest into what happens within Islam and a lot focusing around women. Give us a break, a big majority of them are happy by there condition. They are not in bondage, as they are all thought to be in, many of them are working and lead respectable lives. There are few women from other religions who are happily married in our family, who have accepted Islam and I have never heard anyone complain. Not to say that there are no problems in the society but they have nothing to do with religion, I think the Hindu women face a lot of problems too. Its more due to the situations people are in, the kind of environment in which we exist.

How about West, is everything really as good as it is made out to be, I don’t think so, not according to my standards, I think in lot of ways there condition is far worse than women in India. I don’t know how people see wife bashing, which is so widespread, teen sex, unwed mothers. How many in India would not be bothered if there teen sister/daughter was sleeping around, how many would not be jolted if there 16 yr old came and said mom I am pregnant. Last night happened to be watching Trends(fashion channel), walks in this Model in a bikini, un straps the bra I thought she wud just hold it there but she flung the bra on the ramp and did a lil jig is that the right thing, may be for her but not for me. The gal (in USA) who asked me if I would come to a nude party by the pool, where is it going to end??? The two extremes, the veil and the bare all, now what is right and what isn’t who decides???

As far as treatment of women within Islam, it was the first religion which came down heavily on child infanticide, which was rampant during those days, especially when the child was a girl. Somehow it still persists, you can read my post ‘mummy I want to live’. The Prophet himself married a widow, something which was a big taboo even in India, as late as last century and in some places even now they aren’t respected, watch Deepa Mehta’s film ‘Water’.

Some one talked about Modernism, for him some how wearing skimpy clothes is kind of being Modern, how ridiculous. Does wearing a bikini make a gal more modern than one wearing a traditional dress. I think modernism is much more than that. I consider my Grandfather a truly Modern man, though he was very religious, but he recognized the need for good education, he sent his children to school. In a place/community where no one had ever gone to one, no one gave a shit to education, but he sent his children to a boarding school, people laughed at him, ridiculed him but now every one admits to how he changed lives of people of that town and almost every kid goes to a school.

Clothes, wear whatever you are comfortable with, but why impose your likes/dislikes on to others, why judge people by your standards. People are different and have different values, and they should be respected by others. The society in India for example, isn’t mature enough to allow people to do whatever they want. So people have to follow certain rules of the society they live in. More over in different parts the line is at different places. Wear a short skirt in Mumbai or Delhi and one may not raise too many eyebrows, but come to a small town in your short skirt and you will become like a Pied Piper, with droves of people looking at those beautiful legs, go to a village and wear a bikini, within minutes the entire population would be there……..so most people have to play according to the rules irrespective of their religious beliefs. Yes people rebel every now and then, Protima Bedi running naked on the beach but these are just a handful of people.

So people live according to their culture, their customs, their religion and no one should pass sweeping judgments on one another. I don’t think there is one right path for everyone, just let people choose the path they want, lets respect people for what they are, instead of trying to mould them the way we want them to be.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Take it easy Doc's

I was shocked to see the junior Doctors at GTBS Hospital at Delhi partying within the Hospital premises …in the open…right next to one of the patient wards…...music blaring at full blast and dancing away, part of their annual festival. I don’t have any problem with the partying, but dancing on the head of all those 100’s of patients is really appalling. I know for you Doctors to see people dying, lying in pain is just a job, but please spare a thought for those struggling for their lives, those grieving relatives who may have just lost a dear one, for those anxious people who are looking helplessly at their dear ones gasping for their last breath. Common guys be a little sensitive to others feelings just be a little more human. I am sure that loud music caused a lot of discomfort to many patients. It was sickening to just watch the event on television.

I am also surprised that no one came forward to stop this event. You see signs near all hospitals refraining people from blowing horns. There is a Supreme Court order too, which restrains use of loud speakers after 10 PM. And here is a party which continued almost all through the night and in the very heart of Delhi and yet nothing was done.